Integrative Gestalt Coaching™

Integrative Gestalt Coaching™

A Professional Certification Training

July 1st – July29th at Esalen

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What is it?

From July 1st-29th, 2023 Perry and Johanna Holloman will be offering a professional training in Integrative Gestalt Coaching (IGC) at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California. The premise of this training is to teach presence-based facilitation skills which can be used for:

  • Individual and group work with students/clients/colleagues.
  • Communication skill development in personal and professional settings.
  • Inner development and self-healing through the powerful tools of self-inquiry   taught in this program.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals and lay people looking to develop both intuitive and structured coaching skills to support individuals, groups and organizations.
  • People focused on their own self-inquiry needing “down-time” to heal themselves.
  • Individuals longing for a clearer sense of life purpose both personally and professionaly.

How is it structured?

  • This training will take place in a retreat setting at Esalen over a four-week period. During our time together we will focus on foundational aspects of the theory and practice of IGC. We will meet 5-6 times a week for a total of 64 hrs.
  • Students who wish to certify will apply skills taught in this training with clients they work with after the conclusion of their stay at Esalen. Thirty documented sessions with clients and five sessions of supervision with Perry are required for a certificate.

Topics we will cover are:

  • Understanding and working with the Continuum of Awareness as the foundation for self-inquiry.
  • Creating competently held safe space for our clients’ self-inquiry.
  • Understanding the Theory of Change in Gestalt.
  • Understanding and working with the inner critic, the primary barrier to contact with our authenticity.
  • Discovering and developing our experience of presence as the foundation of human experience and understanding the difference between presence and awareness.
  • Developing aspects of embodied presence foundational to this work, e.g. intuitive guidance and authentic compassion.
  • Honing our facilitation skills to include more complex interventions designed to deepen the clients’ inquiry and challenge rigid internal structures.
  • Developing an understanding of our own relationship to conflict and how to support people in its resolution.
  • Deepening our own self-inquiry to discover the structures acting as barriers to our maturation as realized human beings.

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All certificates are granted by the Holloman Institute™. Adherence to all professional and ethical standards of practice is required.


Integrative Gestalt Practice 5-day at Esalen with Perry and Johanna: May 22-26, 2023

Integrative Gestalt Practice™

May 22–26, 2023
with Perry Holloman and Johanna Holloman

Integrative Gestalt Practice™ is a method of self-inquiry Perry and Johanna Holloman developed over the last 30 years. They travel and teach this approach globally, working with individuals, groups, and communities.

This in-depth program is for individuals, couples, and friends wanting to experience the practice of Gestalt Inquiry to support their self-exploration. Integrative Gestalt Practice is particularly helpful in life transitions and with vital questions affecting the quality of our lives and relationships (family, friends, intimate partners), careers, and overall life purpose. The powerful tools presented in this seminar can help support the emergence of what is most authentic in us and will continue to be helpful in daily life long after this week is over. The practice of Gestalt Inquiry imbues us with an internal sense of agency, clarity, and strength, connecting us to what many describe as a sense of “inner guidance.”

For detailed schedule, to register and learn more, please visit: https://www.esalen.org/workshops/integrative-gestalt-practice-tm-052223


The Healing Art of Deep Bodywork®: Deep Tissue Skills for Massage Practitioners

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For further information on course content contact us at johannaholloman@gmail.com.

Healing Injuries to the Neck, Opening the Chest and Freeing the Breath

There is a growing demand for massage practitioners who have mastered the art of moving deeply into the body with skill and sensitivity. The capacity of Deep Bodywork to alleviate acute and chronic pain has made it an indispensable tool in treating complex conditions such as back and chronic cervical pain due to whiplash injuries or other traumatic events to the upper body.  As we open the body’s deeper soft tissue layers, “stuck” energy in the form of shortened, hardened tissue is mobilized, making this energy available to support us in the process of healing.

This seminar will focus on healing the neck from chronic and acute pain due to injury and postural issues, as well as freeing the chest and ribs to open the vital function of breath.  The capacity to comprehensively expand our chests by taking a full, free breath is perhaps the body’s most important tool in unwinding the ongoing stress we accumulate. Restriction in this vital capacity can lead to collapsing of the chest, a forward-leaning posture of the neck and head, and chronic pain in many upper body areas as a secondary result. Our ability to deal with emotional stress can be severely limited if the breath is restricted in its vital healing function. Through our discussion of relevant anatomy, we will understand how an open chest balances the shoulder girdle, providing an organized base for the neck and head. We will look at the structural complexity of the neck to understand why injury to this vital area can be so difficult to heal.

Our mornings will begin with a “freeing the breath” meditation, followed by breakfast.  Movement Practice™ will precede bodywork instruction each day, supporting the embodiment of presence which is key to the healing power of this work.

Previous massage experience is highly recommended for this advanced-level class. This seminar is part of the Deep Bodywork for Massage Practitioners series that Perry and Johanna Holloman developed.  Please visit our website at www.deepbodywork.com.

Information on registration, and different price categories for single accommodation, shared accommodation, and camping (tent and RV) will be posted soon. This seminar will take place at the Mount Madonna Center outside of Santa Cruz, California.

We look forward to seeing you!

Perry & Johanna
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For further information on course content contact us at johannaholloman@gmail.com.


The Heart of Relationship: A Weekend of Gestalt Inquiry for Couples and Friends

December 9–11, 2022
with Perry Holloman and Johanna Holloman

Fostering close, connected relationships is one of the most important things affecting the quality of our lives. Cultivating trust and openness with our loved ones, whether they be intimate partners or friends, is an essential aspect of any successful, supportive relationship.

Perry and Johanna Holloman have been intimate partners and friends for over 30 years. This weekend, they will share the most effective tools and practices that they have developed to nurture their connection to one another.

Visit https://www.esalen.org/workshops/the-heart-of-relationship-a-weekend-of-gestalt-inquiry-for-couples-and-friends to register.

For exact Date and Time details, visit the link above.

Deep BodyworkEsalen

Stanislav Grof in 1985 : Transpersonal Psychology and Quantum Physics.

Stanislav Grof in 1985 : Transpersonal Psychology and Quantum Physics. An interview with Stan by Perry Holloman at Esalen

“I had the privilege to interview Stan in 1985 about the Quantum/Relitivistic Paradigm and its relationship to the evolution of  psychology into a fourth force in our understanding of psychological and spiritual development. Psychology often stops where our spiritual development begins. Listen to Stan discuss the history of Transpersonal Psychology and why traditional approaches have left many of our deepest experiences of extraordinary states unexplained.”  Perry/2020

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Deep BodyworkEsalen

Understanding Acute and Chronic Back Pain

Here is a link to a short article I wrote for the Esalen Newsletter on how to deal with acute and chronic pain  both as a bodywork practitioner and as anyone experiencing this very common, often debilitating experience. Separating fear from the actual experience of pain is the key!


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