“Do you want to take your bodywork to a higher level? Would you like to be at a place where time stands still, and hands move slowly to the rhythm of the Pacific waves? If so, then take a class with Perry and Johanna Holloman at the Esalen Institute.

“I have benefited tremendously from the workshops. A client of mine had two frozen shoulders for 35 years. Using the techniques from the shoulder workshop, I was able to give him full mobility and flexibility. I have been successful with other clients with similar problems. The joy of seeing my clients painfree is indescribable! My gratitude goes toward two very skilled and professional bodyworkers. Thanks und Danke, Perry and Johanna!”

Sincerely, MC

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you both for making such incredible DVDs!!! I have been reviewing all three over and over again since I brought them home. Taking your class almost three years ago and practicing all the moves from your first class, I have to say that I am now just beginning to feel comfortable with what you taught me in this class (down the back vs. down the back).
What is so great about your DVDs is having the ability to go back and repeat a move, listen to your explanation one more time. For me, I will watch and listen to a move you are demonstrating, then after practicing it and going back to the explanation one more time it’s a “aha, now I get it!”. It takes me lots of review and hearing and practicing before it really sinks in.
Then the work of practicing begins. It’s the only way I guess we all get really good at this work. I’m very thankful that I get to do this work everyday and I’m also thankful for two very special people in the world today and three wonderful DVDs. I was never able to take your other two classes so I am thankful for what you both have done – it is hard for me to get away from my private practice now so your DVDs are a real blessing for me. Thank you! Too bad more massage instructors don’t take the time to tape what is shown in their classes so students have something to go back to for review to make sure what was shown in class is correctly integrated into their massage session. And too bad there are not more instructors like Perry and Johanna. You guys are two very special people.

Love and blessings to you both and your family, BB