Esalen® Massage is a unique form of Bodywork developed over the last fifty years at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. This technique is known for its long integrating strokes, creating an experience of deep relaxation supporting the natural ability of body and mind to self-heal. It is a method dedicated to helping restore a sense of wholeness to the recipient in their individual experience of “embodied being”, and can be fundamental in supporting the rediscovery of an overall sense of ease and integrity in life and living. Created on California’s west coast, literally in the arms of the pacific ocean, Esalen Massage flows out of the hands of the practitioner and over the body of the client like the waves of the pacific itself. This method is based upon the “mother rhythms” of flowing, like the ocean, and stillness, like pure presence and awareness. Being touched with flowing stillness, presence, and awareness is a profound and integrating experience: it relaxes a person at an organismic level, reminding the central nervous system of it’s self-healing brilliance woven into our very genetic code. It is an ideal technique both for the beginner embarking upon the healers’ journey, as well as the experienced professional wanting to add this world-renowned technique to his/her repetoire. Perry and Johanna Holloman will be involved with organizing and teaching Esalen Massage seminars on the following dates at the following locations: